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Prisma Properties

Prisma Properties is a leading developer and long-term owner of modern properties within the discount retail, grocery, and fast-food sectors. We operate in the Nordics, with properties in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, where we create attractively located retail spaces adjacent to motorways and other high-traffic areas. Our tenants represent the most well-known brands within the discount segment.

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Prisma Properties

Discount Retail Has Growth Potential

The discount retail segment has been gaining market share for several years and has significant potential to grow in both economic upturns and downturns. We have long-term stable cash flows with an average contract length of nearly ten years. Almost all of our agreements are so-called double or triple net leases, with approximately 94 percent of them also being indexed. It is our standard practice to sign lease agreements before construction begins – which reduces risks and makes us a reliable property owner. We also place great emphasis on sustainability and develop our project properties in close collaboration with our tenants.

About us

Prisma Properties owns approximately 120 properties in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, covering an area of 268,000 square meters. When we invest in properties, we place great importance on the geographical location, ensuring they are situated in an attractive spot for the relevant business activities.

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