We Know Discount Retail

Prisma Properties has a passion for discount retail and is knowledgeable about the segment – both in terms of suitable locations for establishment and property types. We hold a strong position within our three categories: discount retail, groceries, and fast food. These are categories where demand in our tenants’ businesses is not significantly affected by economic cycles. On the contrary, they have the potential to perform well in both economic upturns and downturns. Both discount stores and grocery stores with a discount profile have grown and gained market share over several years.

Three categories

In recent years, the discount categories have become increasingly attractive and have grown faster than the rest of the retail market. The economic downturn and a weak krona have contributed to the growth of the discount categories.

General discount retail

General discount retail sells goods below, and often significantly below, what is perceived as the typical market price. Dollarstore, Rusta, and Jysk are examples of concepts within general discount retail.


The discount category within the grocery sector is gaining market share due to the economic situation and higher food prices. Examples of concepts are Willys, Lidl, and Netto in Denmark.

Fast food

Properties for fast food and fast-food chains are a growing category in the real estate market. By being located in high-traffic areas and in combination with the expansion of charging stations, they make retail spaces more attractive. Some examples of concepts are McDonald’s, ChopChop, and KFC.